His Kids' News

We need you:

Please know that I understand that we are all busy.  I know many of you work inside and outside of the home.  

Kids have busy schedules.  We all have stuff.  I know that volunteering takes something very precious….TIME!  

I am not asking you to come to church and stand around and stare at each other.  I am asking you to invest in

the kingdom.  I am asking you to invest in your kids and make church a place that they look forward to attending

with you.  I am asking that you use the gift set that God has entrusted you with to bless our kids and our

community.  It is important!!  Nothing we do can be done without you!


Lunches & Birthday:   In an effort to build relationships with your kids, Alison and I will be going to schools

and eating lunches with them.  We would also like to be able to wish your kids a “Happy Birthday!”  If you haven't

filled out information with your child's birthday and lunch time please let us know.


We are on Facebook:  I post things each week about what’s going on.  Please search for FUMC Panama

City Children’s Ministry or copy and paste this link:


Like our page.  Share our page.  To make sure that you get all of our news, follow our page and check next to

“see first”.  

Thank you again for entrusting your kids to us and making church a priority for your family!  

April Gibson