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On behalf of your Staff Parish Relations committee we would like to share with you a letter from April Gibson our Children’s Director.


Dear Parents,

   It is after much prayer and consideration that Tim and I have decided that I should step down as Children’s Ministry Director at First United Methodist Church. I know this may come as a shock to some. Please know that this is not a decision that we took lightly. This decision did not come as a result of something someone did or said. This is just what God is leading me to do. It has become apparent that I am not the right person to continue in this job. 

I have grown to love you and all of your kids. It is because of this love that I know that I must step away. I don’t believe in coincidence.  I believe in God, His timing, and His plan. It was this that brought me to your great church and this is also the reason I will leave. I believe that He had me here for a short, but important assignment. That assignment was to move the children’s ministry forward during the time of transition. He gave me a vision of what the ministry can be moving forward. It is great vision. It is a vision where our kids from babies all the way up are excited to come to church and learn about Jesus every time the doors are open. Every time they step on campus, they will be fed biblical content and will want to worship by giving God their heart song through prayer, offering, song, reading the Bible and serving. It is a vision where parents are not only serving and pouring into the children, but also making relationships and sharing life with each other. 

I informed the pastor of my decision in March so that everyone involved would have plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements. Just as I mentioned before, God has perfect timing. Alison feels called to step into my role. Her life was not at a place where she could do this before. However, on the week that she found out that I was leaving, God lined things up in her life for her to be able to take over. My last day is May 24th. She will take over the 25th and serve in the interim. She then will have the option to apply for the full-time position later in the Summer if she feels so led.  I expect this to be a seamless transition, because she has already been working very diligently to plan the Summer.  Alison possesses many gifts and talents that will equip her for this role.  The main thing that you need to know about Alison is that she loves Jesus and she loves your kids beyond measure! It is my hope that you will pray for her, encourage her, and serve alongside her. 

I am beyond grateful for my time at First United Methodist. I have had so many great experiences and made some great friendships. I hope that if you see me somewhere in town, that you will still say, “Hi” and give me a hug. I will be going back to being a full-time wife and mommy for now. God has shown us over the course of the last few months that our family just doesn’t work without my full attention. Please pray for my family as we transition again. We will definitely be praying for you!

I look forward to serving and sharing with you for the next few weeks! Let’s finish the school year strong for the kids and the Lord!


 April Gibson


Your SPR has met and discussed our next steps in securing that the ministry to our Children here at FUMC does not miss a beat as we move into the summer activities. Alison Bostwick has been serving as an assistant in the children’s programs and with her previous knowledge and understanding of the activities and programs, we have offered her the position of interim Children Director for the Summer. At the end of summer activities, we will evaluate her desires to continue or/and decide to open up the position for applications and interviews. There will be a celebration and children’s night of singing and awards on Sunday, May 20 in the chapel. After the performance, schedules of the children’s events will be distributed and everyone will see how our children are geared to have an amazing summer. We will host a reception at the close of the program in the His Kids room to recognize April and her family.

Please be in prayer for April and her family as well as Alison and her new role in leading our Children through the summer.