Restore PC

Restore PC

Restore PC is our campaign to help the people in our community get back on their feet after the storm. We will gather teams and supplies to help during different weeks and do whatever we can do #forpanamacity. We currently have four different week "trips" planned for outreach. 

Summer Trips

There are three weeks in the summer we will also host a "trip" for our congregation and any others who want to come be a part of the rebuilding efforts. We will stay at the church and go out during the day to different projects within a 3 mile radius of our campus. The cost will be $125 per person. The specific details are still to come but the three weeks are: 

May 19th - May 24th
June 23rd - June 28th
July 21st - July 26th

If you would like more information about these trips or dates please contact Pastor Carl.

UMCOR Hurricane Michael Recovery

AWFUMC is the Alabama West Florida United Methodist Conference. They are also working with groups and teams to help those effected by Hurricane Michael. You can see more of their efforts and ways you can help by going to their website here